Rhinoplasty – How to Rapidly Recover After the Surgery

Rhinoplasty or a nose job is a common treatment that thousands of people have done every year. It can be done for several reasons – to improve the appearance of your nose, for better functionality or to fix the structure after an injury. You will need at least 7 days off work to give yourself time to recover. Here are some more tips to help post op after a rhinoplasty.


Your body repairs itself when you sleep, so remember to get plenty of rest during the recovery phase of your open nose surgery (called เสริมจมูกโอเพ่นราคา in Thai). When you sleep, it is best to lay on your back to ensure you don’t accidentally hit your nose. If you have difficulty sleeping in this position, try putting two pillows on either side of you, so you don’t roll over.

Avoid Vigorous Exercise

If you enjoy exercise and sports, you should only take part in moderate physical activity for the first few weeks of your recovery. It is best to avoid any types of sports, including non-contact sports. You can unintentionally get hit with an object that could damage your new nose.

Avoid the Swimming Pool

Try to avoid using a swimming pool during your recovery phase. If chlorine gets into your nose when it hasn’t fully recovered, it can cause pain and stinging. It is advisable to give yourself at least 2 weeks rest before you go near a swimming pool.

Healthy Food

It is vitally important to eat healthy food during the recovery phase of your treatment. Healthy food contains essential vitamins and minerals that will accelerate the healing process. In addition, try to consume food that is easy to chew. The goal is to eat food that helps to minimise chewing, stopping your nose from moving a lot.

Avoid Wearing Glasses

If you corrective glasses or sunglasses, it is best not to put them on during the recovery phase of your treatment. Although glasses aren’t heavy, they pinch the bridge of your nose and restrict blood flow to a certain degree. Leave the glasses behind and opt for contact lenses.

Your nose will be swollen and sensitive after rhinoplasty surgery, so it is important to take precautions in your everyday life. Basic things like getting dressed should be approached with caution as you can easily fall or hit your nose with items of clothing. If you follow the tips above, your nose will heal as quickly as possible.